6 Signs that Tells You that it's Time for a Vacation

When we hear ‘vacation’ most times especially in Nigeria the first thing that comes to mind is the huge amount of money it requires. It’s worse off now with the recession the country is facing and also the devalued naira.

Vacation experiences alone or with loved ones would go a long way in relieving stress, whereas immersing yourself in a different culture which should  foster creative thinking  and improve well-being.

Truth is, sometimes a vacation doesn’t really have to be the typical lay by the beach, spend time in expensive hotels outside the country, participate in expensive tourist activities and so on.

A vacation really should be taking time off your usual routine and going to somewhere different from the norm, somewhere very relaxing, a place you could just think and make decisions for your life moving forward.

The decision to put work over family and friends can lead to burnt bridges among personal relationships that can make your life richer for decades to come.

Spending time with family makes life richer and more meaningful. Sometimes even going to the village could be an effective way to relieve stress. The point is you don’t have to spend outrageously all because you’re going on a vacation which will most times discourage the idea.

If it’s been a while since you last took time off work or your business, you may be starting to feel it. Here are 6 signs it’s time for a vacation 6 Signs that Tells You that its Time for a Vacation

  1. You begin to look like your passport photo.

Any signs of chronic stress that might be signalling impending burnout are obvious red flags.

Workplace stress, particularly heavy workloads, negative work environments, and obstacles that prevent you from completing your work, are linked to pain levels which will show on your face.

Stress also promotes inflammation and pain sensitivity, which is why recurring backaches, headaches, eye strain, and other aches and pains are signs it’s time for a vacation.

  1. You’re starting to make more mistakes at work.

Workplace errors are often the result of chronic stress. This can be problematic for your reputation and job security.

If you notice you’re making an unusual number of mistakes whether it’s errors on financial reports or customer transactions, it could be a sign you need to reboot your mental hardware. It’s time for a vacation.

  1. You’re no longer enthusiastic about your work or business.

If you’re not as excited to get into work on a Monday morning as you once were, or you dread a work activity that you once enjoyed, you probably need a break.

If you feel your work spirit flagging, and can’t remember what it is that made you love your job, then it might be time to get away.

You probably spend a lot of time around your colleagues, and they may be among the first to notice that you’re not acting like yourself. Maybe you’re unusually cranky, quiet, or tired instead of your chipper self then it’s time for a vacation.

  1. Your entire life revolves around your work or business.

If your entire identity is wrapped into your work or business so much so that you’ve forgotten who the real you is or you’re losing perspective of why you’re working in the first place.

You may not see any benefits, when in fact your job benefits your community, your country, or your family. If you can’t remember why you wanted your job in the first place, schedule a break from your daily grind as its time for a vacation.

  1. You start making unhealthy choices to cope with stress.

You always take a glass of wine as soon as you’re in the door from work, over eating, or forgoing your normal exercise routine, can all be signs it’s time for a vacation.

When we’re run down, our first impulse is usually to indulge ourselves a little. But if those little treats actually leave you feeling worse overall, it’s time to take more radical action.

You think that treating yourself to a carbo-loaded lunch will make up for the fact that you have not taken a vacation for a while, but actually it just makes you feel like a balloon filled with grease.

     6. You Wake Up With A Grumble

What’s the first thing you say upon opening your eyes in the morning? When you wake up, you make a disapproving noise out loud, it is seriously time for a vacation.

Also you’d think that if you are exhausted, the one thing you could still do well is sleep, but that’s not what science shows. Being wound up and super stressed actually makes it harder to fall asleep (and more likely you’ll be sleepy during the day).

So if you’re having trouble sleeping, that can also be a side effect of too much stress, at this point it’s time for a vacation.

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