The Vision ‘’Dare to Dream’’

“If you don’t have ambition, you should not be alive” ~Aliko Dangote
It is apparent that Nigeria has a large youth population. Its also apparent that the vast ma-jority of these youth are seeking for guidance, mentorship, and inspiration.

They are the millennial generation who are eager to break new ground, aspire for great heights in spite of narrow opportunities. Their world is shaped by social media, their business is driven by the mobile-phone, they demand high-speed broadband with insatiable appetite
with a fearless zest to achieve.

pic1 300x194 The Vision ‘’Dare to Dream’’They ask questions of the society and demand answers with the same force. Their yardstick is only as long as the ‘’last achievement’’. They seek for something to brag about amongst their peers and want to know “when was the last time we achieved something great that stands us out as a nation?’’

The vision is to give hope to these youths, re-energise their zest and stimulate their thirsts for greatness. To re-affirm their hopes and encourage their motivation to achieve their dreams.

The Mission

“ I believe the time is here for Nigeria to be repositioned on the global Stage, by challenging the status quo and
achieving beyond expectations” ~ Mr Ladi Ani-Mumuney

  • Be the first African to complete a solo round the world (RTW) flight originating and terminating in Nigeria.
  • To inspire the youth of Africa to “ Dare to Dream”
  • To re-shape the perception of Nigeria through great achievements that defy expectations.
  •  To redefine the African Narrative.
  •  To raise funds for selected Charities.

Transcend - ONE MAN


  • A graduate
  • A qualified Pilot
  • A daring Achiever
  • A fearless Adventurer
  • An History Maker
  • A Caring Family Man
  • An Ambassador

The Pilot

pic2 300x176 The Vision ‘’Dare to Dream’’Ademilola (Lola) Ojudinrin is a graduate of Aerospace Engineering from the University of London. He previously worked as Senior Fi-nance analyst for British Gas. He also previously worked for the BBC as an accounts assistant. An accomplished aerobatic and racing pilot Lola has also participated in racing competi-tions such as ‘’The Kings Cup’’ in the UK. He qualified as a commercial pilot in 2010 and has clocked up over 4000 flyers hours. He has flown many times on a single engine aircraftacross the Atlantic and Sahara dessert.

The Caring Family Man

pic3 300x153 The Vision ‘’Dare to Dream’’


Lola is married with two children. Both his par-ents live in Nigeria where Lola also completed his secondary schooling at Government Col-lege Lagos. He is a native of Iperu Ogun State.


The Youth Ambassador

Who embodies the aspirational and daring spirit of the Nigerian and African youth. A fo-cused, fearless, committed and goal-oriented individual with a balance for professionalism, discipline, family and strong sense of commu-nity. Lola from the age of 17 in the UK worked towards his dream by working part-time to save money for his flying lessons. A distin-guished and result oriented individual, he held onto his dream by breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes to achieve his goal to be ….. THE FIRST AFRICAN TO FLY SOLO ROUND THE WORLD

The Preparation
“The young, free to act on their initiative, can lead their elders in the direction of the unknown…”
~ Margaret Mead

Transcend - ONE PLANE
The Cirrus SR-22

  • pic 300x136 The Vision ‘’Dare to Dream’’310hp single prop light aircraft
  • Specially modified with go-pro cameras outside and inside the aircraft
  • Extra long-range tanks
  • HF Radio
  • The only production aircraft with FAA approved built-in parachute

The Technical Team - Nigerian and International technical team.

pic5 300x132 The Vision ‘’Dare to Dream’’

Transcend - ONE WORLD

The Route

From Lagos, easterly through central Africa to Ethiopia continue through UAE, India, and Asian subcontinent. Island hoping before undertaken the longest part sector between Hawaii and California. Continuing across the USA into Canada onwards to the UK through Iceland and finally downwards into Africa, to return to Lagos via Algiers and the Niger Republic.





Transcend - ONE TEAM

pic8 300x137 The Vision ‘’Dare to Dream’’Lola Ojudinrin - RTW solo Pilot

Mr Ladi Ani-Mumuney - Project Director

Ireti Bakare-Yusuf - Project Manager/Marketing & PR



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