Vital issues for road safety

THE low attention of the federal, state and local governments to road safety management in Nigeria has sadly positioned the country as the third nation with the worst cases of road crashes and fatalities among 193 countries sampled globally. This has made our beloved Giant of Africa one of the most dangerous countries to drive in.
To reposition Nigeria as one of the countries with the best road safety management, safer road, safer vehicles, safer road users and post-crash care in line with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety, there is an urgent need for governments, agencies, private sector organisations, donor agencies and other stakeholders to look into the issues analysed below and take appropriate proactive steps to effectively address them to ensure the accomplishment of the 5 (five) Pillars of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as it affects Road Safety.
U.N. Decade of action and Nigeria road safety problem analysis
Pillar 1– Road safety management: As at today in Nigeria, there are crisis in road safety management, yet there has been no executive pronouncement from the office of past and present oresidents towards the resolution of the imbroglio.
For example, there has been overlapping of functions and clashes among the key Government Agencies responsible for Road Safety Management in Nigeria.
Up to this very movement the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIOs) and the Nigeria Police are still at loggerheads over:
• Who is responsible for the inspection of Vehicles for Standards compliance and road worthiness.
• Who is responsible for the Accreditation and Regulation of Driving Schools in Nigeria.
• Who is responsible for the production of Driver’s Licence and Vehicle Licence
• The Nigeria Police is at loggerheads with the FRSC and VIOs over Vehicle documentation and inspection.
• State traffic management agencies are at loggerheads with the FRSC over who manages the traffic and operates on federal and state roads, especially in Lagos and Ogun states.
• There is no structured theory and practical tests for candidates processing Driver’s Licence. A person who does not know how to drive can easily obtain the genuine Driver’s Licence after paying an extra amount of money to the FRSC, VIOs and the Board of Internal Revenue (Motor Vehicle Administration Agency). This is greatly fuelling Driver’s Licence racketeering in Nigeria today.
• The road safety management agencies have virtually neglected their statutory functions for the pursuit of revenue generation.
• There are contradictions between the constitutional provision on the role of state government road safety management agencies and the enabling Act of the Federal Road Safety Commission. This has not been resolved because of the absence of presidential pronouncement.

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