What Travellers Should Avoid In Northern Nigeria

Nigeria is like an umbrella sheltering different cultures, religions, traditions, and values. This is why there is a cultural difference between Southern and Northern Nigeria. What is acceptable in the South may be outrightly offensive in the North.

You can describe it as a liberal south and conservative north. Hence, when you are junketing especially around Northern Nigeria, you should be very conscious of what you do because it may become offensive to the people.

Jumia Travel, the online booking agency identifies some of these flash points to prevent any unpalatable backlashes.

Public display of affection

Cuddling, holding hands and other forms of public display of affection is nauseating to many in the North. If you are so bent on showing off your romantic prowess, you should wait till you return to the hotel you booked in Kano or Kaduna on Jumia Travel.

Engage in religious disagreement

Religion is a sensitive issue in some parts of Northern Nigeria. So, if you are a Muslim, Christian or traditionalist from any other parts of Nigeria or a tourist, you should sidestep any religious discussion or argument. It is better you just enjoy your stay at the Kajuru Castle in Kaduna and keep your religious convictions to yourself.

Not covering your hair

As a lady traveling to the North, you already have a dress code. It doesn’t mean you adopt that type of dressing. But the least you can do is to never to leave your hair open. Always cover it even if you don’t like it. And, don’t display sensitive features of your body.

Mingling with women

Culturally and religiously, men are not allowed to mingle with women in Northern Nigeria. So, as a man, you should not be found amidst women no matter how essential your message or encounter may be.

Eating publicly during fasting

You will observe that many of these behaviours or actions are hinged on religion. This is because Islam is the major religion in the North and actions are largely influenced by the religion. So, if you are a non-believer in Islam, you should not eat in public especially during fasting. Try as much as possible to eat your food in your room.

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