Does my baby need a passport and visa To Travel Out Of The Country?

mom and baby closeup Does my baby need a passport and visa To Travel Out Of The Country?


Flying with your baby doesn’t need to be the nightmare that many parents envision. Infants are very adaptable and can be great travelers. However, as a parent, you need to know that when considering the documentation you need to travel with a minor, remember that you need to meet the requirements of the country you’re traveling to, as well as the requirements for return to your home country, which may be different.

Below are some few things you need to know though:

 Does my baby need a passport and visa To Travel Out Of The Country?


A lot of travellers really want to know this. Yes, your baby will need his own child passport for international travels. It will require a bit oforganising but the passport will be valid for about five years, even though his appearance is going to change incredibly.

Gone are the days where mothers are allowed to endorse their babies on their passports, but that is no longer acceptable.

The procedure for application is similar to the ones for adults.


Every traveller who wishes to visit Europe and the United States for business and/or pleasure requires a tourist visa, including infants. This means that even if you are the parent of the child and have a valid visa, the child will need his or her own visa in the child’s passport.

No child will be allowed to enter these places or even board the plane, without a valid visa and passport. Children less than 18 years also regarded as minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for their non-immigrant visa interview.

Air tickets

Infant ticketing policies do vary between airlines but children under the age of two (2) are generally allowed to fly seated in the laps of their parents. They are not charged for airfare but they are charged taxes and other fees so they are not entirely free. This means the cost of air fares for infants on both domestic and international routes are a function of the airline.

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