Nigerian Pilots Throw Weight Behind FG On Proposed National Carrier

The National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers, NAAPE has shown its full support for the government plan to establish a national carrier, explaining that when realised, it would lead to the rapid growth of the industry, create jobs and boost the contribution of aviation to nation’s GDP.

The association criticized the liquidation of the Nigeria Airways, NAL, saying that the action had regressive effect on the growth of the industry. They also noted that if the national airline was not liquidated, Nigeria would not only have established modern maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility but would have been able to carry out D-checks on aircraft engines.

The statement, which was signed by NAAPE President, Issac Balami noted: “Everyone who has been in, or around, aviation for a while would easily agree that the ill-advised liquidation of the defunct national carrier, Nigeria Airways, is the evil wind that has bedeviled the industry till date. It was not a mere death of an airline. It was the demise of the only known airline superstructure in Nigeria – the best ensemble of airline professionals.

It was the demise of Nigeria’s global standard aircraft maintenance system that had already attained B737 check D (highest maintenance procedure) in Nigeria by Nigerians. It was, therefore, the death of Nigeria’s dream to establish and operate an MRO soonest.”

NAAPE said the defunct national carrier was responsible for the production of well-trained aviation professionals in piloting, engineering, marketing, cabin crew, dispatch, and every facet of aircraft operation, adding that its death also killed this noble endeavour.

The association also said it is expected that the new carrier would strive for mega carrier status which can compete at the global stage, noting that it was also expected that a full scale MRO would be part of the deal for the new carrier.

“It is however important to sound this note of caution. Any idea of engaging a foreign airline, or foreign MRO as technical partner should be banished. This is because no sane business person will encourage a viable competitor. Nor will such partners agree to terms that will grant advantage to the new carrier over their already vested interests in their home airlines.

It is sincerely hoped that the Ministry of Aviation will be open and transparent in the process of setting up the new national carrier, and would allow participation by genuine industry stakeholders,” it added.

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on Aug 19, 2015

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