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– (DR.) Olawanle, RAPHAEL AKINBOBOYE, CEO, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort


Wanle Akinboboye lived in the United States for a number of years during which time he attended various training programs and gained practical experience that spanned the security, construction, tourism, hospitality management and entertainment industries.

He obtained practical hospitality management experience through his employment for various periods, at both the Hilton Hotel in Florida and the Vista Hotel in Washington

When he returned to Nigeria he was able to utilize the exposure and experience he gained in these different industries to establish the following companies:


The Resort which is the first ever African-themed Resort located at Ikegun, Lagos State, the business capital of Nigeria, is designed to present Africa and African culture in a cosmopolitan manner to domestic and international tourists. The Resort is spread over 65 acres of land and is bounded by a fresh water lagoon and a “clean” sandy beach that stretches for miles along the warm equatorial waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Resort contains a mangrove forest that provides visitors with the opportunity to observe, at close quarters, a wide variety of tropical Flora and fauna that include mangroves, monkeys, squirrels, bats, and various species of birds such as kingfishers, sea hawks, egrets and ducks.

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The Resort is patronized by both individuals and corporate bodies for leisure activities and work retreats.  It is at the forefront of Nigeria’s private sector initiative to attract international tourists to the country and develop her Tourism industry.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is now developing at 20 different locations in Cote d’Ivoire and still acquiring locations in other countries like Antigua and Bermuda.



La Campagne Boutique homes, created in partnership with shell trustees a center of music, dance drama and artistic excellence, center for bonding exercises, corporate and family gate away. It is located in the heart of Nigeria’s oil city, Port Harcourt.



La Campagne Tropicana is an eco-friendly private health and fitness membership club that offers recreational facilities within the city of Lagos. The facilities at the club include a gym, swimming pool, squash and basketball court, bowling alley and a sauna.



The Motherland Beckons initiative was established to promote interaction between Africans on the continent and Africans in the Diasporas. It seeks to develop Africa by leveraging off the continent’s links to Africans in the Diasporas in the same way that the State of Israel has leveraged off its links with Jews in the Diasporas. Motherland Beckons is thus a movement, portal and spiritual calling for the people of African descent and lovers of Africa from all over the world to come and be part of the African experience through travelling and to directly impact on the economic development of the continent.



The establishment of this company in 1992 changed the image of security service providers in Nigeria. Prior to that date, the general opinion was that only illiterates or persons with poor or very basic educational qualifications could work as security officers in a security company. The Company however commenced the recruitment of graduates from universities and polytechnics for the position of security officers and offered them a career in a company that was focused on providing security services at a global standard.

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Since inception, thousands of Nigerian youths have, at various times, been employed by the Company and have received professional security training at the Company’s Training Academy.

The Company operates under a Grade ‘’ A ‘’ License from the (Nigerian ) Ministry of Internal Affairs ,it is also registered in the USA.



Atunda Entertainment is concerted effort to represent and reposition African culture, art, music and fashion from its original form to a more sophisticated cosmopolitan presentation that will be presented to the world stage for a better appreciation and respect for African culture leveraging off of original African repertoire. Since inception, it has produced renowned musical stars.



Kamp Afrika is an educational project for pupils and students of African descent living on the continent and in the Diasporas, and lovers of Africa who will be taught basic African culture and values together with African arts and crafts in a fun-filled manner.



This Company, which has actively participated in the construction and development of Resorts, is a consultancy firm that focuses on providing assistance to persons who wish to develop tourist facilities.  It is envisaged that its expertise can be harnessed by wealthy individuals who have the financial resources required to develop the ‘’private’’ tourism industry in Nigeria



HURP which is an acronym for Hope, Unity, Rebirth and Prosperity is a creation of Motherland Beckons in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, and the Federal Government of Nigeria by extension to chart a path for the Nigerian nation.

The HURP project involves about 25 major activations across the length and breadth of the country and in the Diaspora and has the potentials of impacting humungous spiraling effects on individual, private and governments’ economies of the nation.



  • Appointed as the chairman, African Union Culture, Education and Entertainment Committee. (AUCEEC) –March 2015
  • Appointed as the Senior Special Adviser to Ondo state Governor on tourism.—   April 2013.
  • Appointed Antigua & Barbuda’s Consular Attaché for Tourism & Business Development in Nigeria – 1stApril, 2011
  • Appointed as Tourism Ambassador for the continent of Africa by the World Conference of Mayors, Inc.– 14thMay, 2011 and Co-Chair of the Distinguished Corporate Roundtable of the World Conference of Mayors, Inc.



  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort , BEST BEACH RESORT IN WEST AFRICA  in October 2014 .  AFRICA TRAVELS AWARD.
  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, BEST RESORT IN LAGOS   February 2003. TRAVELERS MAGAZINE
  • Corporate Guards Limited was named THE SECURITY SERVICES AND CONSULTANCY COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2002 – an award given by Nigeria Commercial & Policy Development Council.


Amb. Akinboboye in his personal capacity also received a number of awards including:

  • INDIVIDUAL MERIT AWARD presented by Travelers Magazine in a ceremony held on 20 February 2003
  • PATRIOTIC MAN OF INTERGRITY AWARD 2002 –awarded by the Royal Achievers International Media Network
  • TOURISM HALL OF FAME AWARD for contribution towards the development of Tourism, Hospitality and Culture in Nigeria.
  • KEYS TO THE CITY OF GLENARDEN in Maryland USA by the Mayor of Glenarden – 16 April 2001
  • KEYS TO THE CITY OF DISTRICT HEIGHTS in Maryland USA by the Mayor of District Heights – 16 April 2001
  • Co-Producer at the International Women’s Day at the UNESCO’s Headquarters, Paris – 8thMarch, 2006
  • Co-Producer at the Melody for Dialogue among Civilizations Association Conference, Abuja: 10th– 23rdJune, 2006
  • Co-Producer at the 60thAnniversary Celebration ofUNESCO, Paris – 16th November, 2005
  • Artistic Director for Leon H. Sullivan Summit(organized by Andrew Young and Sullivan Foundation), Abuja:  July 14 – 19, 2003
  • Doctor of Arts (Honoris Causa), European American University, USA



Wanle has written, produced and directed quite a number of plays including:


ODIGBOSE – The first African account of the trans- Atlantic Slave trade.

AJO (African People) – A Dance Drama that traces the history of the African people from the days of slavery to GSM days.



Wanle has had opportunity to live and work in a developed economy and is therefore aware of the benefits that accrue to its citizens. It is his duty to assist in the development of his country. His guiding philosophy is that he is obliged to leave for his descendants a country where everything works in accordance with global standards and which is at par with the developed countries of the world.

He firmly believes that,

“It is not the wealth you leave for your children you worry about, it is the kind of society.’’

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