Tricks to Get You Out of the Airport Faster

Yes, you can get out of the airport much faster if you observed some simple tricks.

Have you ever arrived at an airport and thought to yourself, "I should have travelled yesterday, maybe there were fewer people coming through here."

Well, there is no chance in the ever growing airline industry that an airport is "less crowded." Of course, unless it is in Alaska in the dead of winter and only the brave dare take a random trip up that time zone.

So how do you beat the crush at the immigration desk at your above average busy airport during peak travel time?

Frequent flyers know that if you are travelling for short stays -- less than a week -- travel very light. This means all you need can be packed into one on-board trolley suitcase (avoid lugging luggage around).

First, pack only clothes of light material, preferably those that don't need ironing. Roll up the clothes when packing to create space to accommodate more stuff or simply get a number of toilet bags to pack separate things. This is a trick used by airline crew who live out of suitcases. Pack only one extra pair of shoes; two basic coloured trousers or skirts as the need maybe and four shirts/blouses.

Your toiletries bag should hold the bare minimum, that is the smallest quantities allowed on-board and which will not need special re-packaging to pass through security check. If you need an overcoat or something warmer, don't pack it, wear it to save space.

Carry your laptop/iPad/smartphone in a shoulder bag or handbag. You board with your pieces of luggage. This means as soon as you land, you grab your two pieces and head straight to the immigration desk if it is an international flight, while the rest of the passengers are standing by the baggage carousel.

If it is a local flight, it means you will be the first out of the terminal and avoid the crush at the taxi bay or the queue at the public transport terminal to get out of the airport.

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