What to do if Your Passport is Lost or Stolen Abroad

We all have that one thing we will never leave behind when we travel but it’s obvious the passport remains the most important document on our packing list, so protect it, and it will protect you.

 What to do if Your Passport is Lost or Stolen AbroadLosing your passport or stolen could turn your otherwise flawless trip into a potential disaster.

But what happens when your passport is lost or stolen abroad? What should a traveler do if he or she is in a foreign country but no longer has his or her passport?

The first thing is trying not to worry. Losing a passport or having one stolen is certainly a pain and an inconvenience, but it’s not impossible to recover from.

In fact, most travelers who have their passports lost or stolen are in most cases able to continue their trips with relatively inconvenience and lost time.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your passport and what to do if it’s lost or stolen while you’re traveling abroad.

Before Leaving Home

Before leaving home, make two copies of your passport data page, leave one copy at home with friends or relatives and carry the other with you in a separate place from your passport.

You can also scan your passport and send a copy of it to your own e-mail account so it can be accessed anywhere in the world. Bring along a couple of passport photos as well. These should be 2″ x 2″ photographs taken within the last six months.

You can also take along another form of photo ID and a copy of your birth certificate (or another document to prove your citizenship). If your passport is lost or stolen, these documents can help fast -track a new one.

Keeping Your Passport Safe

Take out your passport only when you need to provide it to officials. At all other times keep it on your person.

 What to do if Your Passport is Lost or Stolen Abroad

Keep in safe place- there are several travel accessories that can help keep your passport and other personal items safe. There are money belts that can be worn around your waist, slipped around your neck or stashed away in a pants leg.  For the extremely conscientious, there are even hydro-safe wallets so you can take your passport swimming with you.

For whatever reason, do not leave your passport in your luggage (but do leave a photocopy of it in your luggage), a handbag or an exposed pocket.

If possible, you can leave your passport in a hotel safe but not in an empty hotel room.

For those doing group travels, one individual should never carry all the passports for the entire group.

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Passport

The first thing to do if your passport is lost or stolen abroad is to contact the nearest Nigerian embassy or consulate in that country.

The embassy/consulate office should provide the first level of assistance.

If you were planning on leaving the country soon, make sure to mention your intended departure date to the officials(s). They should be able to assist you, and even provide information on where to get new passport photos.

This is why the other documents listed above are very important, in a case where issuing a new passport is not possible, a replacement passport on a temporary travel document can be issued.

You can also notify the Nigerian Government back home on +234 (1) 2714449, 4541452

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