Travelling around and becoming a nomad often means changing countries more often than your underwear. This can often lead to the usual frolics – shagging on trains, blowjobs on street corners and trying to sleep in a hostel bunk knowing the Peruvian couple sleeping above you are doing it doggy style. Without going into too many details or mentioning names, here’s a few guaranteed easy ways to get laid and have a bit of sex when you travel! (By the way I’m writing this from a male perspective since I’m male, hope some of these ways work for the ladies too!). For one post only, Don’t Stop Living is Don’t Stop Shagging! Good luck and always carry condoms and stay safe!

1. Stay in MIXED dorms

So you want to meet a girl on your travels? The easiest way has to be to stay in mixed dorms. That way you’re guaranteed to sleep in the same room as them, chat to them and tour the city together. After a curry and a few beers somewhere, the next natural move can often be a lot more than just room-mates.

Advice – buy her a few drinks, carry condoms and don’t waken the others!

2. Talk to the hostel staff.

Owners of hostels and hostel staff often lead busy lives, indeed some of the receptionists and cleaners have boring, mundane existences. Chat away to them! If a lady comes in to wash the showers, get talking to her, ask her about the city, invite her out. She might also show you around. If she knows you’re heading off again the next morning, she might be gagging for it as much as you.

Advice – Do it in the staff room out the back. She has the keys, and you won’t disturb anyone. But check she’s not also fuck1ng the owner first!

3. Drink in local bars.

Bars attract people that are sociable and outgoing. Local girls like a bit of variety, they’ll want to meet foreigners and strangers. So prop up beside them, buy them a cocktail of their choice, listen to their life story and invite them back to the hostel for a ‘nightcap’. Also chat away to the bar staff – I’ve done bar work countless times and know how it works. Staff shag each other, customers root the staff, one night stands etc.

Advice – Chat away to girls in bars but beware of ‘working girls’, don’t buy girls drinks unless you can trust them, don’t reveal too many personal details to someone you’ve just met.

4. Go on tours with fellow travellers!

Your fellow travellers are also often single and up  for a bit of hanky panky. Go on tours with them. Whether it be a bus tour, a boat tour, a museum tour, going sky diving etc. You will bond well with them during the day. Exchange travel stories. By night you’ll want to eat and drink together. By midnight you could be groping your first ever set of Taiwanese breasts!

Advice – book tours with fellow travellers, chat away to them, eat and drink with them!

5. Red Light Districts!

In the case of “curiosity killed the cat” there is also the option of paying for a handjob, blowjob, sex and so on. Not my personal cup of tea, (though I do have one story to share, someday) but I’ve met many travellers who are prone to it. This one is simple – find your local red light district, turn up, pick your girl and agree a price.

Advice – BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL – and probably best to visit these types of areas in a group. Probably best not to take any credit cards as well. Wearing a condom is a MUST.

It is understandable if you’re apprehensive about physically visiting a Red Light District. Thankfully, there are alternatives for shy travelers. These types of arrangements are made online or over the phone.

6. Go Partying!

Sign up for pub crawls, nights out, visit bars and clubs and have a great time. You might even get lucky by the end of the night. I’ve partied in places like Kaunas, Buenos Aires, Skopje, Bolivia and Antarctica.

Advice – Enjoy yourself, but don’t drink too much and wear protection of course!

7. Quit being picky or choosy!

If you really want to have sex when you travel you have to become more open and wordly. You might be a Protestant and find yourself with a Catholic. You might hate girls with dyed pink hair and then fall in love with one. You’re on your travels and you will meet so many amazing people, stop being picky or choosy over who you chat with, go out with, drink with and fu*k! Nobody is above or below you – we are all equal. You’ll see the sexual acts that other nationalities have to offer. Nobody likes a fusspot.

Advice – Get to know girls first, don’t be fussy or picky, have a laugh with them, flirt away and enjoy yourself!

8. Walk around naked!

This could well not be a decent tip, but at least you’ll get a laugh and a bit of attention from the others. I’ve actually done this myself a few times alone and with others, and seen a few others do it. Why be ashamed of your body! Show the girls your assets. I’ve got my willy out a load of times on my travels including Antarctica and Finland.

Advice – Don’t be shy. Guys – Get your willy out! Girls – Show off your boobies!

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