6 Things Nigerians love about South Africa

It is summer! Although Nigerians do not necessarily experience it, they tend to take time off and travel the world around that time; and in addition to London, Dubai and USA, one other country a lot of Nigerians line up to visit is South Africa. In fact, whether they are going on holidaytravelling for work or relocating to pursue careers, South Africa is usually one of their first picks.

Surely, there is a lot to love about South Africa.

 6 Things Nigerians love about South Africa

The luxurious hotels

Nigerians generally love to enjoy the fine things of life which include luxury hotels. South Africa is home to some of the most beautiful and original hotels in the continent that offer unique and incredible variety of accommodation as well as experiences. Nigerians love to visit these hotels, especially the ones in Cape Town for profuse indulgence and exclusive treatment.

Open roads and free parking

The Nigerian roads are not nearly perfect and usually, you have to pay at almost every spot. In South Africa however, the roads are well maintained and it is easy to travel on major routes; also, you rarely pay for parking. This is a form of treat for Nigerians as they escape the hustle at home and the open roads encourage them to get out and explore.

 6 Things Nigerians love about South Africa

The Wine

Although wine is not massively produced in Nigeria, Nigerians love wine and what better place to go enjoy a large variety than South Africa; one of the top ten wine producing countries in the new world. Aside from the Cape Winelands, particularly Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, which are at the heart of the South African wine country, there are over 17 ‘official’ wine routes countrywide. The lovely South African climate ensures perfect fertile soil ripe for growing the grape vineyards that South Africa has become world-renowned for.

Amazing Food

While South Africa is not the culinary center of the world, its swanky restaurants, delicious street food and experimental dishes in quirky settings all serve to lure many Nigerians to the country. A majority of South Africa’s top restaurants, including The Test Kitchen, The Tasting Room, La Colombe and five hundred, offer incredible fresh local ingredients, innovative cooking and a touch of theatre, which Nigerians absolutely love!

 6 Things Nigerians love about South Africa

The Wildlife and Safari

While there are quite a number of game reserves and wildlife conservation centres in Nigeria, including Yankari National Park, Lekki Wildlife Conservation centre e.t.c, Nigerians love visiting other countries like South Africa to see their native wildlife. South Africa has some of the most affordable safaris in the world too. A favourite is the Kruger National Park, one of the oldest of South Africa’s parks, where you can see the Big Five on a self-drive safari.

The Laid-back Attitude of South Africans

The typical Nigerian is a hustler, so at points when they feel the need to chill, they head to South Africa as the place is probably the only place in Africa with a people worthy to be described as “chill.” Socializing and mixing up with the locals in the country is always a fun and a rewarding experience as they are “uber-relaxed” in almost everything they do.

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